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Help for Women Seeking Debt Relief.

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Women have come a long, long way in the world, they say. Right now, though, things don't seem that way for you?

I know. Would you believe, the majority of clients who seek my help as a debt consolidation lawyer and bankruptcy attorney... are female?

Let's face it- today's high rate of divorce affects women's financial status more than men's. And things are even harder for single mothers. The fact is, fewer than half of single moms receive all the child support they were awarded.


Free Consultations, Reasonable Fees.

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You may be wondering if having an attorney help you with your bankruptcy is the right way to go. You wonder if you can get together enough money for the bankruptcy filing fee, much less enough to cover the costs of a lawyer. You certainly don't want to spend what limited money you have on fees before you've gotten professional advice. You're not sure at this point whether you even qualify for bankruptcy. Even if you do, you need to find out what type of bankruptcy is right for you.


Dealing with Divorce and Bankruptcy.

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In each recent year, more than one million women in our country have found themselves in bankruptcy court. That's more women than graduated from college, more women than were diagnosed with cancer.

A large number of those million women who filed personal bankruptcy had either already gone through a divorce or were dealing with an upcoming divorce. When divorce is part of the picture for women in bankruptcy, financial problems are often even greater..


Bankruptcy Law Offices of Mark S. Zuckerberg, P.C.

The Bankruptcy Law Offices of Mark S. Zuckerberg, P.C. has been helping women with their debt problems for almost twenty-five years. Single women. Married women. Divorced women. Women in the process of getting a divorce. Mothers. Grandmothers. Women entrepreneurs. We've helped more than 30,000 people. You see, bankruptcy is no sideline for our attorneys - it's all we do.

Our goal is to help free you and your family from the burden of debt. We begin each relationship with a no-cost, no-obligation meeting. To make those meetings convenient for our clients, we operate out of four central Indiana locations:


Indianapolis, IN Office:
429 North Pennsylvania St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204
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Anderson, IN Office:
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Bloomington, IN Office:
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Phone: 812 330 9999


Columbus, IN Office:
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Phone: 812 372 8888

But even though Mark S. Zuckerberg is obviously a man, the majority of his clients - are women! Perhaps that's because Mark Zuckerberg knows the way women make decisions.

Still, we know some women would prefer to have another woman to talk to. And, if that's what it takes to help you move forward and get Indiana bankruptcy help, our team includes a number of women bankruptcy attorneys working under Mark Zuckerberg's guidance. All you need to do is request a women-to-woman meeting. All you need to do is ask.